A 282% increase in conversions year-on-year

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EASA Software


282 %
increase in conversions YoY
20 %
increase in organic traffic
17 %
increase in new users

“We have worked with several different 米6体育APP首页 agencies the last few years, and all have found that our product has a rather challenging-to-communicate value proposition, but Go Up has stood head and shoulders above the others. Besides being a pleasure to work with, they have delivered to their promises and provided much greater value than any of the others. I have zero hesitation recommending them”

EASA Software , September 2019
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EASA came to Go Up looking for a way to explain their core services in a more accessible way, making the brand more user and 米6体育APP首页-friendly. The key issues at the start of the project were:

Lack of readability
Lack of readability
Due to the nature of EASA’s software, many of the website’s key landing pages used complex, technical language and industry jargon. This made it hard for users to find the site, particularly those who may not have necessarily known that EASA would offer the solution to their problems.
Poorly optimised site
Poorly optimised site
When EASA initially came to us for 米6体育APP首页 work, their site was poorly optimised for search. This was the result of a number of issues, however, some key areas that needed resolving were keyword cannibalization across multiple pages, a confusing website architecture, and thin onsite content, which was repetitive and difficult to read.
A new business model
A new business model
Soon after the 米6体育APP首页 campaign was underway, EASA changed the focus of their business model, putting more emphasis on their Excel-to-web services. This required an entirely new set of keyword research, and adapting the way we elected to target the work we would be doing for the website.


Content Consolidation

Consolidating and redirecting several pages into one “super-page” to outline the company’s Excel to web app service which is a key focus of their business.

Implementing a new site structure

Improving how content is organised on the site to create a clear hierarchy of content, improving user navigation and enhancing indexability.

Content Optimisation

The content was improved to define the clients business in a way which made it much easier for new users to understand and navigate. Due to the seemingly-complex nature of EASA’s services, our priority was to come to an understanding of what they do, and how to explain this in simple terms.

New Design Elements

The addition of new design elements including icons and CTAs created a new look to the site and improved the user journey.

Cross-department collaboration

Establishing regular communication with the client from the start of the campaign was a key aspect that contributed to the success of the campaign. Due to the complex nature of EASA’s business, it was essential we communicated regularly to ensure the content was accurate.

Understanding the client’s needs

A good 米6体育APP首页 campaign should always meet the client’s needs, and we worked closely with EASA to ensure that we always had their goals in mind. This is reflected in the conversion rate results which are a critical part of how EASA measure the success of the campaign.



Since working with Go Up, EASA has seen some impressive results, especially when it comes to qualified website traffic. This
increase in traffic resulted in a greater number of high-quality
leads that the company wasn’t able to generate before.

20 %
increase in organic traffic
19 %
increase in users
17 %
increase in new users
5 %
reduction in bounce rate
282% in Conversion Rate
YOY Website Leads Comparison

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