Identify and resolve the technical issues holding your site back in search

We lift the lid on the inner workings of your website, diagnosing the hidden technical 米6体育APP首页 flaws that are not always visible on the surface.

The technical health of a website is critical to its performance. You could have the best content in the world, but without a strong technical foundation, your search performance will suffer. That’s why our audits are designed to cover the full spectrum of technical 米6体育APP首页.

We start by assessing three search fundamentals – can your pages be crawled, rendered and indexed by search engines? We then move on to a multitude of other tests and assessments, from analysing your site architecture, navigation and internal linking structure to evaluating page speed, responsiveness and mobile usability.

Whether you make use of our in-house developers, or already have a dedicated development team, all of our audits are delivered with detailed recommendations and prioritised actions on how to move the 米6体育APP首页 campaign forward in the most effective way.

What you'll get

As part of our 米6体育APP首页 audits we provide easily understandable and actionable feedback, empowering you with the important knowledge and data that your marketing team needs to make the decisions that are right for your business objectives. A typical website 米6体育APP首页 audit will include:

  • Full technical audit
  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Limited competitor research
  • Onsite optimisation audit recommendations
  • Content audit and recommendations
  • Link building audit and recommendations
  • Social media audit and recommendations

The Go Up Guarantee

We guarantee that our audits are impartial. If instructed to undertake a full audit of the work of another search marketing agency , we will not thereafter work in an 米6体育APP首页 capacity for the audited website for at least 6-months, ensuring neutrality by making sure that there is little incentive for our audit to produce either positive or negative results in our 米6体育APP首页 audits.