Results you can measure.

Go Up delivers optimal performance through Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) listings. There is no other marketing platform that delivers such versatile and yet measurable, data-led results as Google’s paid search marketing platform. This enables us to run highly targeted, flexible and efficient PPC campaigns.

We usually offer PPC as a part of a broader Search Marketing strategy, complementing a client’s 米6体育APP首页 campaign.

Talk to us about how we can use PPC to help ensure a steady increase in conversions even in the early phases of a marketing campaign when your website’s organic visibility may not yet be bringing in converting traffic.

What a campaign looks like

No two PPC campaigns are the same, but there are basic outlines that are followed by most PPC agencies.

Phase 1

Competitor research

We will undertake extensive research into your paid search landscape, gaining a thorough understanding of your competitors: Their goals, strategies and saturation. Effective PPC strategies can be learned from, ineffective ones discarded. We will also gain important insights into projected spends for specific keywords.

Demographic research

We will investigate how the people that are searching for your product or service are searching for your product or service.

Keyword research

We will use the knowledge gained through the first two stages to help us identify a list of keywords, targeting buyers at different key stages of the buying process. These then undergo rigorous testing, a theme which continues even when the PPC campaign goes live.

Keywords will be revisited and added to/detracted from routinely throughout the campaign.

Information architecture

We will review the site’s information architecture, and look at ways in which we might be able to enhance the user journey whilst also improving quality score for PPC ad relevance.

Phase 2


We generate a number of Adcopy options, based on the profile of the client and their target demographics. We will then subject these to A/B testing, based on click through rate and conversions, gradually refining the different ads: cutting those that underperform and optimising the high performers.

Tag manager

We will implement event and conversion tracking, enabling us to benchmark and set KPIs. These help to provide your account manager and their team with reliable and actionable data sets that are then used to enhance the PPC campaign. They are also fed back to the client so that they can better monitor progress.

Audience targeting

We will set ad parameters: deciding who should see your ad, on what device, in what format, in which location and at what time.


Great PPC campaigns are all about constant improvement and refinement. We are constantly monitoring our PPC campaigns, seeking ways through which we can further enhance performance.

Proven results

We have a portfolio of happy clients and a catalogue of proven results. Your appointed account manager will be your main point of contact throughout your PPC campaign, which allows an intimate understanding of your business, your demographic, your search landscape and your goals.